The farm woofer, solo the dog, wants to play football with French wwoofers Herve, Leo, Coralie and Thomas

Sharing is Caring

The opening session in the Haven, our social space.

Over the centuries, Nicharee Farm has been the living place of hundreds of people. In the pre fossil fuel era, it would have taken three or four families to work the farm and it would have been a lively place where humour and stories were mixed through the chores and often hard work. Working together on simple manual tasks is both enjoyable and recreational. We take wwoofers every Summer from all over the world. We like to share and tell the stories of our place and our area and in return learn about the lives of our wwoofers. This really makes the farm come alive. We believe an old farm should be a lively place and we love taking wwoofers. Nicharee Farm is listed as a host farm on the web site

A great bunch of Nicharee Wwoofers in July 2014