Says he's me half brother!

Dick's Diary

10/5/2015 Man, that was a struggle and a surprise. I couldn't wait for me Mam to lick the membranes off of me nose to let me breath. Gaspin, I was! 'Twas a close one but after a few good breaths I was able to shake me head and get a look around. Me Mam wouldn't stop lickin me though. After twenty minutes I tried to stand but couldn't get me legs goin. Kept tryin though and eventually got to stand steady. I had me eyes on me Mams big udder. I knew I needed to suck on one of those tit things to colostrum into me. Eventually, I hooked up and got a good feed into me. Just what I needed after all that excitement about being born.

11/5/2015 Man this is some place! The boss let me and Mam out into a big green place full of cattle like myself and small wooly things aswell. Lots of them came up to say hello. The black calves told me we were they are half brothers but there was a blonde one too. Someone said he is a foreigner from France.

12/5/2015 I have to say this is a grand place altogether. Something to see every minute. Birds chirping and flying and bees aswell. Those lamb things are great fun. Always jumping around and playin. There is another thing her too, we call him Billy goat and man can he jump quare high.

13/5/2015 Ouch, it bit me! I was just going over to watch the boss feeding two lambs with bottles when me ear touched that wire thing. Lifted me out if it, it did! I wont be goin near that EVER AGAIN!

Daisy the cow gave birth to Dick, the calf, in both reality and on facebook on Sunday 10th May 2015 at around 10.45pm. This page will follow Dicks life path and events as he stretches his legs around the farm over coming days, months and years.